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I am pleased to have been quoted several times in Making Marriage a Success, a new book edited by Jaleh Donaldson.

About the book: "Making Marriage a Success supplies the information you need to bolster your marriage, or get it back on track. Its dual purpose makes it twice as effective. First, it's a timely collection of pearls of wisdom from dozens of the best marriage psychotherapists from across the nation. And equally important, it's a directory of marriage gurus, complete with websites and contact information, organized in a convenient, state-by-state format."



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Are you choosing to be the victim of self-esteem? I have written an article featured here on Hubpages discussing this topic.

Tired of kissing frogs?  Here is the link to an article I wrote for YourTango that discusses How Therapy Can Make You a Better Dater.

Looking to show the world how strong your relationship is?  Here is a fun article in The Daily Beast on celebrity couples who coordinate their outfits, why they do it and some of the perks and pitfalls of being "matchy-matchy": 

 Below you will find links to a series of interviews I had the pleasure of doing with Yahoo! Health.  Several more will be published in the coming weeks.

In this interview I discuss the causes of envy, how this uncomfortable emotion can be used to a person's advantage or how it can rob him/her of happiness.  I go on to describe ways to dispute envious feelings, leaving a person in a much more adaptive position where s/he is more likely to attain some of those very objects of desire as well as enjoy all of life's current blessings.

Don't Let Performance Anxiety Get the Best of You!
In this interview I discuss the types of tasks people can feel anxious about and how that anxiety can hinder their performance. I go on to explain what people can do when anxiety is preventing them from performing to the best of their abilities, and discuss the type of professional that is available to those having a difficult time overcoming performance anxiety.

Tips for Better Sex in Marriage
In this interview I discuss some of the reasons why sexual excitement in marriage can dwindle over time, give some simple tips for better sex in marriage, and describe the type of professional help available for couples having problems relating sexually.

10 Ways to Express "I Love You" to Your Spouse  
In this article I talk about the impact that saying "I Love You" has on a marriage and describe 10 ways to communicate that love.

How to Deal with Your Spouse's Extramarital Affairs 
In this interview I discuss the impact an extramarital affair can have on a marriage, how spouses can deal with extramarital affairs and the type of professional help that is available to spouses dealing with their partners' extramarital affairs.

Tips for Overcoming Depression About Finding Mr. Right 
In this interview I describe why people can become depressed when searching for their lovemate, provide tips for overcoming this type of depression, and explain how psychotherapy from a licensed therapist can help to eliminate it.

Tips for a Successful Marriage 
In this article I discuss some common reasons marriages are not successful, provide several effective and simple tips for a successful marriage, and describe the type of professional help that is available for a couple seeking to improve their relationship.

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